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Adonai Bureau of Knowledge handles Employment Careers, University Admission and Visa services.

Jobs & Careers

We offer job opportunities in Education, Engineering, Health, Aviation etc in over 20 countries.

Relocation & Settlement

We offer settlement services for all successful applicants. This includes airport pickup, accommodation settlement and police registeration.

Admission & Scholarships

We offer admission and scholarships to students from all over the world. We have deals with over 100 schools in over 50 countries.

Visa & Immigration

We offer work, study, business & tourist visa services in over 50 countries including US, China, Canada, Uk, Germany, UAE etc


Our job is making sure you love your job & school!

We coordinate job placements & admission for clients who are interested in living and working or studying in over 50 countries. With more than 2 years of combined experience, our passionate team of coordinators is great at what we do ~ matching great talents with top Universities and job programs all around the world.

How to live, work or study in your desired country

Steps on how you can secure your dream job or study in over 50 countries

Schedule & Apply

Have a meeting with one of our experts and apply after reaching agreement.

Interview or Consult

Conduct interview with potential employers or have a consultation with staffs of our partner schools

Job offer or Admission

Get a job offer or admission letter from top employers and universities

Acquire Visa & Pack your Bags

Apply for a high guarantee work or study visa of the respective country, get approved & depart to your new endeavor.

Your Strategic Partner For Outsourced Human Resources Solutions

We have the best team of experts in recruitment, admission & visa services working tirelessly to ensure you achieve your career goals

Why Choose Adonai Bureau of Knowledge

Here are a few reason to choose us in your quest to live, work or study in over 50 countries.


As experts, we focus in recruiting, admission and visa services. We have 99% approval rate in all application since incorporation.

Open Application

We get our applicants in contact with staffs of potential Universities for consultation & some assurance on gaining admission.

Low Agency Fee

Unlike other agencies, we charge affordable agency fees and easy payment schedule after job offer or admission notice.

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